1872 Old MAP of Nahant and Little Nahant, Massachusetts (MA).

# MAE129
1872 Old MAP of Nahant and Little Nahant, Massachusetts (MA).
(NAHANT, MA) This historical old Nahant map is reproduced from the 1872 Beers Atlas of Essex County, Massachusetts (MA). Many homes are identified by property owner's name, and many topographical features are identified, such as: North Spring, Pool of Maolis, Stony Beach, Black Mine, Dashing ROck, Spouting Horn, Saunders Ledge, Hoods Point, Castle ROck, Cedar Point, Bennett's Head, East Point, Roaring Cavern, Nahant Head, Steep Cliff, Pulpit Rock, Sappho Rocks, Great Ledge, Bathing Beach, Five sisters, Pea Island, Shag Rocks, Swallow Cave, Joseph's Beach, Bss Rock, Curlew Beach, Nipper Stage Point, Crystal Beach, Dorothy's Cove, Long Beach, Eastern Point, Fox Caverns, Great Furnace, Mary's Grotto, Little Furnace, Little Nahant Beach, Black Rock Beach, Johnson's Beach, Reed Cove, Bass Point, Bailey's Hill, Pond Beach, etc.
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