1771 Map of The Six Nations & New York with adjacent colonies

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1771 Map of The Six Nations & New York with adjacent colonies

This 1771 Map is titled: To His Excellency William Tryon Esq., Captain General & Governor in Chief of the Province of New York & & This Map of the Country of the VI Nations Proper, with Part of the Adjacent Colonies is humbly inscribed by his Excellency's Most obedient humble Servant Guy Johnson 1771."

The key includes markings for Indian Villages, Chief Towns or Large Villages, Indian Paths, and The Boundary Settled with the Indians in 1768 as described by a dotted Line.

Text says: "By the Country of the six Nations proper is meant that part within which they principally reside, the rest which is of Vast extent being chiefly occupied by their dependants. The Mohocks are not mentioned as they reside within the limits of N. York at Fort Hunter & Conajohare part of the Oneida Country lies also within that Province the Tuscaroras who form the sixth Nation are omitted it being a southern People that live on lands allotted them between Oneida & Onondaga."

"The Country West and North of the Boundary Line having never been surveyed or even thoroughly Explored is chiefly laid down from my Journals and the Sketches of intelligent Indians and other Persons."

The map covers the region from Toronto on the northwest to Crown Point and Ticonderoga on the northeast, to Kittanning on the southwest to Rhinebeck, New York on the southeast.

Lake Ontario and Part of Lake Erie are shown. Tribes include Onondagas, Cauygas, Senecas, Oneidas, the Mohocks (Mohawks).

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