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LAWRENCE is one of the splendid industrial cities which has sprung up rapidly, as if under the wand of the Genii, from the mechanical, the liberal, and progressive spirit of the State.

FRANKLIN is a progressive and pleasant town of 440 dwelling-houses, 2,562 inhabitants, and a valuation of $1,819,525, lying in the south-west part of Norfolk County, 27 miles south-west of Boston by the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad.

GROVELAND: The surface of the town is finely diversified with swelling eminences, fertile valleys, streams and ponds, and picturesque fields and forests. The scenery on the banks of the noble Merrimack, which sweeps grandly by the leading village, is very beautiful. It is here a tidal stream, and navigable for vessels of 200 tons.

Quotes from the Vermont Gazetteer Excerpts, 1860:

BOLTON lies in the eastern part of Chittenden county, midway between Montpelier and Burlington, and was chartered by New Hampshire, June 7, 1763. The first settlers were Noah Dewey, Peter Dilsie, James Moore, Thomas Palmer, Robert Stinson, and John and Robert Kennedy.

MOUNT HOLLY: There are four villages: Mount Holly, Mechanicsville, Healdville, and Bowlville; three church edifices; and 15 school districts; also, two grist-mills, 12 saw-mills, one tannery, four mills for cutting out chair stuff, two butter-tub factories, and one rake factory. Population, 1,534; valuation, $403,676.

Quotes from the town descriptions from The Gazetteer of Connecticut & Rhode Island, 1819

LITTLE COMPTON is a wealthy maritime and agricultural township.... The manufactures of the town are wholly of a domestic character, the inhabitants being distinguished for their habits of industry and economy, and their social and moral virtues.

NEW SHOREHAM consists of the island of Block Island. It contains 128 Dwelling-houses, and at the last census there were 722 inhabitants, 140 of which are freemen or voters. There is one company of Militia, organized by law, but it is never called upon to do military duty.

BARRINGTON is a small agricultural post township. The surface is generally level, and the soil a light, but fertile sandy loam, well adapted to a grain culture: rye, Indian corn and barley being cultivated with success. Sea weed is used extensively as a manure, and has been of great utility in enriching the land. The agricultural interests are considerably flourishing, and the various objects of husbandry constitute the principal occupation of the inhabitants.

Notwithstanding the high rank of Peterborough as a farming town, it owes its importance and prosperity chiefly to its manufacturing facilities. The Phoenix Factory manufactures drillings and sheetings; Peterborough Manufacturing Company. sheetings; Union Mfg. Co., sheetings and shirtings; North Factory Co., drillings; Woollen Factory, flannels; also David Clark, manufacturer of mahogany tables; J. F. Johnson, sash, door, and blind maker. There is an iron foundery and a paper mill.